Working with the power of the country’s largest broadcast and digital company, we can give a voice to your client’s story.

In order to survive and thrive in today’s digital landscape, businesses have to be present and compete across all platforms: mobile, social, web, search, and email. To do that, businesses need proven digital marketing experts to position their brand, drive loyalty, and engage with consumers.

Grow your business and develop customer relationships with The Jones Group.

Our team of multi-media specialists creates dynamic solutions that get results. We shape ideas, inspire, solve problems with customized digital products that stand out in the crowd. See what our integrated, multi-platform services can do for you!

Our services include:


We believe the best thing we can do is empower our clients to own their success. Whether your brand is new to social media or you need an expert to shape your marketing efforts, we’ve got the proven plan to help you succeed.

Consultation + Training + Monitoring = Success!

·        Consultation - First we review your current efforts, and meet with you to discuss how to enhance your strengths, fix your weaknesses and brainstorm ideas for brand content.

·        Training – The next step is training you and your staff in the best practices to give you the skills to create engaging brand conversations, monitor your brand’s accounts and learn the tips and tricks to efficient social brand management.

·        Monitoring – We then partner with you to continually monitor your success, track your metrics and share reporting on your efforts.

Search Optimization

The #1 method for how people discover your digital presence is through search engines. Customers use search engines to find your business by name, phone number, the products and services you sell… they can even find out what other customers think of your business.

Shouldn’t you take control of what they see?

The Jones Group has a team of experts with experience in search engine optimization and search advertising. By partnering with us, we can make sure your results are seen in more platforms: desktop, mobile, maps, directories and review sites. We empower you to take control of your online reputation, showcase good reviews and testimonials, and deal with negative reviews.

We live to win search. Let us win for you.

Search Marketing

With Search Engine Marketing (SEM) we can make sure the people who are looking for you… find you! The Jones Group will help you craft precise messaging, branding and offers to build into customized text ads or graphic banners and place on more than 2 million publication websites.

·        Using Google AdWords to place your advertisements in search results, we make sure that when people are looking for your competitors, you show up first in search.

·        Display ads can target the type of content you want (i.e. Car Dealership Ads on Car Review sites) or can target the reader (show ads to Men, 30-45 in zip code 20001). With AdWords, you have total control of message, offers, and the geography in which you advertise.

·        Keep your products top of mind all around the web!

Why is it so effective? Advertising success is all about frequency and being top of mind – The Jones Group gets your brand front and center while potential customers are surfing the web, bringing them back to your site when they’re ready to buy. Get increased exposure, more traffic to your site, and more sales with this retargeting service.

Native Advertising

Advertorials are marketing pieces written in the form of short essays, long articles, interviews, or research papers. These pieces are marked as “sponsored” but are presented in a news or article style. Advertorials allow you to present detailed descriptions of benefits and features, in addition to the kinds of calls to action that are the main thrust of display advertising. Advertorials are effective in initiating inquiries and sales among audiences with different decision making mindsets than those who respond to conventional ads. Longer formats lend themselves to education and deeper engagement, and help build trust, demonstrate expertise and deepen brand awareness.


Global smartphone penetration is exploding! On average, there are 1.4 billion smartphones on earth, and we never leave home without them. Don’t you want full access to your customers all the time? Put your brand in their hand with a mobile marketing campaign. The Jones Group can use mobile marketing to help you engage with customers, build loyalty and drive sales.

·        Increase Reach with SMS Marketing

Text messaging is one of the most powerful ways to speak directly to your audience. SMS (Short Message Service) Marketing has a read rate of over 95%, with 90% of all messages read within 3 minutes of delivery, and a response rate that can be higher than 20%. We can help you connect with this powerful medium by creating a text message based marketing plan. Loyalty clubs are an effective way to reach a consistent audience on a weekly basis. Or we could create a SMS based lead generation service that instantly lets you know when a customer wants to know more information about your business and wants to be contacted by you directly!

Be a Winner with SMS Contesting

A great way to build your SMS customer database is with an incentive. The Jones Group has several types of text message based contests that will allow customers the ability to have fun and win a prize, and will allow you to increase the size of your loyalty club database. Some examples of the contests we can accomplish with SMS are simple enter to win, instant win games, trivia based contests, and we even have a mobile game that resembles a scratch off ticket.


Email is still one of the most effective ways to attract new leads, reach new and existing consumers, increase brand awareness and promote products and services. Your email marketing efforts need to be properly targeted, well designed and effectively positioned.

Powered by the experts at The Jones Group, our services are tailored to help your business thrive in email marketing and reach your targeted audience. Our results aren’t just creative. They’re measurable, with in-depth analytics reporting that helps you interpret and realize return on investment.

·        Effective, Custom Targeting:
Reach the right audience to drive real results. With over 200 million opt-in permission-based email addresses, The Jones Group lets you target your optimum core customers. We can target by geography, demographics, socio-economics, interests, behaviors and more.

·        Database Building:
Build your core audience for effective email marketing efforts. Beginning with postal records, names are then overlaid with key demographics to tailor your list. Our audience targeting doesn’t just skim the surface, it gets to key behavioral and demographic customization by utilizing questionnaires, surveys, product registrations, subscriptions and a network of partnered websites.

·        Calls To Action:
Build loyal, receptive consumers with Opt-ins. By giving your audience the option to opt-in for future email promotions, and with a custom call-to-action (or value proposition), your company can build a key group of consumers willing and excited to receive updates, promotions and important brand messaging.

·        Acquisition:
Email marketing efforts are only as good as those that read them. Our emails have proven open rates of 10-15% and are optimized for desktop and mobile devices: which means your brand gets seen on all devices. We also offer custom retargeting emails just to your audience members that opened and read an email promotion. This means that your follow-up efforts go to the right people.

Creative Services

A powerful design can create memories and position your brand in the marketplace. Our team of designers at The Jones Group will listen to you, visualize your needs and then create an effective design that will get you noticed!

We provide full graphic design services for advertising, rich media, logo design and much more! Our team is skilled in deploying creative brand solutions across all media types, ensuring your marketing efforts shine on mobile, web, and social.

Design services include:

Standard .jpg or .gif banner advertising
Rich Media/Flash banner advertising
Logo creation
Email template design
Flyer design
...and more!

We have the ability to scope out and price any design challenge you may face. With our experienced, expert design team, we can bring your vision to life.