2015 Regular: Legislative Days 1-2

March 6, 2015
Legislative Days 1-2

The Alabama Legislature convened on Tuesday, March 3, opening the 2015 Regular Legislative Session. This session is expected to be highly controversial given the budget shortfall and slate of tax increase bills Governor Robert Bentley will be proposing.

Both legislative bodies went into session on Tuesday, although they were only able to take up ceremonial and technical resolutions, and introduce bills. Next week the legislature is scheduled to meet for three legislative days, as opposed to the traditional two day week.

Governor Bentley Gives 2015 State of the State Address

Governor Robert Bentley on Tuesday night gave his annual State of the State Address from the Old House Chamber in the State Capitol building. He once again outlined his plan to increase revenues by $541 million and unearmarking $187 million from the state budgets to help solve the projected $700 million shortfall. Although his remarks were not unexpected given the reports from previous weeks leading up to the legislative session, the Governor remained adamant about his plan to increase revenue.

Alabama Legislature Off To A Quick Start

The Alabama Legislature isn’t wasting any time getting started with the 2015 session. By the end of the first legislative week, there are already a total of 362 bills that have been filed. Not only have hundreds of bills been filed, but every single bill on the House Republican Caucus Agenda, “Alabama First,” have received favorable reports from their prospective committees and will be debated on the House floor starting on Tuesday. (House Republican Caucus agenda can be seen here)

We expect this session to only pick up steam as it progresses. Even still, we are fully committed to providing our clients with exceptional service and seeing many successes this year.