Business Development


Growing and expanding any professional enterprise requires the existence and engagement of strong relationships. Our decades of experience building key connections within the government, corporate, education, and non-profit sectors uniquely positions us to leverage those relationships to achieve our clients’ growth and expansion goals.


Lobbying + Advocacy

Almost every company or organization is affected by legislative action in some way. With over twenty-five years of combined experience in state and local government affairs, we are prepared and equipped to deliver the results you need before executive, legislative, regulatory, and municipal government bodies. We have built a solid reputation that stands for integrity, efficacy, and service which allows us to get the job done for our clients.

Strategic Communications


Everyone has a message but knowing what to say and how to say it does not always come easily. No matter the application, we can help you develop an effective message that speaks, acts, and gets results. Our clients count on us for delivery of the right message to the right recipient at the right time!

Issue Tracking + Monitoring

Staying up-to-date in the fast paced world of information exchange is a daunting task. Issues that concern today's businesses are incredibly dynamic and require focused attention and insight to stay ahead. We will be your eyes, ears, and hands wherever you need us, leveraging our technology assets to monitor the issues you care about while protecting your interests at every step of the way.